Nadia El Fani presented her film Laïcité Inch’Allah as part of the North African film series No More Fear in October 2011 in Cologne. The film is a plea for a secular constitu- tion and society in post-revolutionary Tunisia and earned her the hatred of Islamist fanatics who stormed a cinema in Tunis where it was to be shown. They also issued death threats against her by phone and on Facebook. Her new film Même pas mal documents the terror these fundamentalists direct at all critical intellectuals in Tunisia. In her case, her persecutors did not even shy away from using her cancer and her ensuing periodic baldness to denounce her with hideously distorted pictures on the internet. This lends the film a moving personal note and reveals the contempt for humanity held by fascist religious agitators. The disease acts as a symbol for the political cancer of Islamic fundamentalism which threatens to spread through societies with a strong Muslim influence such as Tunisia.

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