FilmInitiativ events from 1988 till 2014 (excluding Africa and Cologne in Film)

FilmInitiativ Köln e.V. has hosted numerous special film events, festivals and individual screenings since it was founded in 1988. Since the 1990s our efforts have focused on two main areas:

1. A comprehensive insight into contemporary African cinema
The programmes from all African film events and background information on African filmmaking can be found on our three-language website with database: und Film-Datenbank

2. The "Cologne in Film" project
The programmes from all Cologne film events and background information on Cologne’s film history with a virtual Cologne film archive can be found on the following website with database:

The following is a list of FilmInitiativ events that were not related to Africa or the Cologne in Film project:


One year after the revolt in Turkey
10.6.2014, Filmforum NRW in cooperation with Jugendclub Courage 


Anti-racist film programme  - (18.9. - 2.10.2012) Features, shorts and documentaries. Guests: Samuel Maffire, Christiana Antonakos-Wallace and Frieder Schleich. In Kooperation with "Öffentlichkeit gegen Gewalt e.V." and "Allerweltskino".


The Third World in World War II - 15 films on the role of Africa, Asia, Oceania, Latin America and black soldiers from the US in World War II accompanying the exhibition of Recherche International e.V., which was presented in Cologne's NS documentary centre from September 16, 2010 to January 16, 2011. See:
Guests: Bernard Simon, Fitouri Belhiba, Charles Onana, Theodor Wonja Michael, Peter Finkelgruen, Malte Rauch and Nataly Jung-Hwa Han. 


Controlled demolition - Films about money, summits and resistance on the occasion of the G7 and EU summits in Cologne
Guests: Katharina Kean, Sumati Nair, Jörg Siepmann, Mohammed Soudani, Patrice Spadoni


"Los Civilizadores" - Germanness in Guatemala
"The civilisators" - Bearers of civilization
Presentation of the film
Guests: Uli Stelzner, Thomas Walte


Return from emigration
Guests: Gerhard Schick et Frank Schauder

Disturbance - from May 68 until autumn 77
International revolts and reactions in cinema
Guests: Lorenz Beckhardt und Ingolf Gritschneder


Presentation of the works of Trinh T Minh-ha (USA/Vietnam)
Shoot for the Contents / Reassemblage / Naked Spaces - Living Round


"Die Tochter des Puma" / ("The Daughter of the Puma")
by Ulf Hultberg, Asa Faringer
Presentation of the film


by Béla Tarr, Hungary
Presentation of the film

Electric Shadows - Films from China
Guest: Klaus Eder


Films by the aborigines of Australia
Guests: Bernhard Lüthi, Djon Mundine


Palestine in Cinema
Guests: Kaiss al-Zubaidi, Felicia Langer


Here is Germany
Films about the private life of a Nation
Guests: Helano Sana, Josef Gangolt


Fight the Beginnings (Wehret den Anfängen)
Films against Racism and Neo-Nazism
Guests: Ernest Mandel, Anne Tristan, Matthias von Hellfeld, Heiner Lichtenstein, Robert Thomas Frickel


Radiant Times (Strahlende Zeiten)
Anti-nuclear films from different continents
Guest: Bertram Verhaag