BAAMUM NAFI (NAFI'S FATHER) 4th of June, 1 p.m.; Filmpalette


In the Senegalese village of Yonti, Imam Tierno keeps his community together by looking after their spiritual common ground. But the peace of the village is threatened when his daughter becomes engaged to his brother's son Ousmane. Tierno is wary of Ousmane because of his connections to an extremist sheikh and his desire for power. The engagement leads to a struggle between the brothers and the fundamentalist movement. The sheikh's regimentation spreads, so that the villagers have to fear violence and control.The multi-award-winning debut film by director Mamadou Dia shows the power factors that shape structures of family, religion and society.

Organiser: africologneFESTIVAL; Afrika Film Festival Köln

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