Biografie Donia Touglo & Band


Donia Touglo is a singer, songwriter, actress and performer. She was born in Togo and lives in Cologne. Her music brings together the sounds of many different worlds – “from West Africa to unknown realms”. Her lyrics are in Ewe, English and a language that she calls “the language of her soul”. She will be joined by Vincent ‘Themba’ Goritzki, who studied jazz guitar at the Institute for Music and Media in Düsseldorf. He lived in South Africa for several years, where he played with famous musicians and was given the nickname “Themba”. His musical spectrum ranges from jazz and world music to pop and hip hop. The percussionist Nico Touglo is also from West Africa and in 2000 he formed his group Tahougan, which loosely translates
as “speaking drum”. His work promotes cultural exchanges between Europe and Africa and supports educational projects for children and young people in his native Togo.

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