Biografie Elhadji Demba Dia


Elhadji Demba Dia is a committed Pan-Africanist and advocate of the ideas of Thomas Sankara. He migrated to filmmaking due to his concerns over socially disadvantaged young people. As the coordinator of the human
rights festival CINE DROIT LIBRE in Dakar (since 2013), he also initiated the project NEMEKOU that tries to open up new future prospects for underage prisoners through film workshops, and sporting and musical activities. With his political engagement and constant hunt for experimental forms of expression, he is one of a group of young directors who are fully committed to making, producing and distributing their own films – films that follow the notion that art should be accessible to common people and tackle political issues. Elhadji Demba Dia therefore likes to work with friends and people he knows when shooting his films. His film
J’EXISTE won prizes at the film festivals in Yaoundé, Agadir and Tangier.

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