Biografie Amina Weira


Amina Weira was born in 1988 in Niger and graduated with a Master’s degree in documentary filmmaking from the University of Niamey and the University of Saint Louis in Senegal. Her documentary short C’EST POSSIBLE was selected for a range of festivals, including Cinéma d’Afrique in Lausanne, Caméra des
champs and Rencontres Sobaté in Ouagadougou. Alongside her work as a director, Amina Weira also works as an editor and assistant director, on films such as KOUKAN KOURCIA, LES MÉDIATRICES by Sani Elhadji Magori about singer Zabaya Hussey, for example. LA COLÈRE DANS LE VENT (ANGER IN THE WIND) is her first full-length documentary. It looks at the consequences of the uranium mining carried out by French
company Areva in her home town of Arlit. These include the radioactivity the locals are exposed to “without them being able to see it or being informed of its dangers”, and the atrocious conditions the miners are forced to work in: “My father worked in this uranium mine for 35 years and is therefore at the centre of the film. Through him I got to know many other former miners who have so many stories to tell... It just hurts to see what an awful state the town of Arlit still finds itself in today, despite the mine... it’s time that changed.”

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