Biografie Anna M'Barek


Born in 1953 in Wuppertal, Anna M’Barek currently lives in Cologne. In 1974, she completed her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg, and she then graduated from Düsseldorf Art Academy in 1979. To mark the premiere of her 2015 short film NUIT BLANCHE, the artist and filmmaker writes: “For 40 years now we have been spending our summer holidays in Zéramdine, my husband’s home town in Tunisia. In the evenings, the leaves that drift in with the wind and their shadows that talk to the night with their ever-changing light shows appeared to me to be a language without words. [...] Now that I had connected a moving image to what I heard, thus staying with me in the morning after waking up and lingering longer in the memory, it became more and more important to me. In Germany I began to look for it in drawings with diluted ink to recreate my memories as art. NUIT BLANCHE – a ‘white night’ or also a ‘sleepless night’ – became my research object. Through animation, I found a way to connect what one sees with what one hears.” Pauline M’Barek, daughter of the director, was the producer of the experimental short film. She studied at art universities in Hamburg and Cologne and lives part of the time in Brussels.

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