Biografie Wendy Bashi


Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Wendy Bashi graduated from the University of Liège with a degree in “computer and communication sciences”. Since 2009, she has worked as a journalist and presenter for the television programmes “Reflets Sud” and “Afrique Plurielle” on TV5MONDE. She also works for a range of magazines, such as “Jeune Afrique”, “Enjeux Africains”, “Amina”, “Glo. be” and “Images Francophones” as well as for radio magazine “Afrik’Hebdo”. She also regularly contributes to the French-language department of Deutsche Welle in Bonn. At the 2016 festival, she presented her award-winning documentary THE LAKE’S TREMOR about the myths and legends surrounding Lake Kivu, situated between the Congo and Rwanda. She gave a talk about Kabila’s autocratic rule in the Democratic Republic of Congo at the “Fake Democracy” dialogFORUM in June 2017 that FilmInitiativ co-organised with the africologneFESTIVAL. She shot several documentaries last year, including one about the difficulties faced by journalists in the Congo and another about the “Récréatrâles” theatre festival in Ouagadougou. Her film FICKIN about a new film festival in Kinshasa will be screened here at the anniversary festival.

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