Biografie Carey McKenzie


Carey McKenzie grew up in Cape Town, was a theatre director in Cambridge, studied English literature and film in New York and currently lives in Berlin. Even her graduation film HEARTSPACE (1997) was shown at European and American festivals. Her documentary ORIGINAL CHILD (2004) about atomic bombs won multiple awards. Her short film B IS FOR BOMB (2006) on the same topic was awarded a prize at Cannes. She was then invited to international film festivals including Durban, Tunis, Rome and Oslo with her debut feature film COLD HARBOUR (2014). The thriller is a homage to film noir and it will be premiered in Germany in Cologne, Osnabrück, Brühl, Berlin and Bayreuth as part of the SISTERS IN AFRICAN CINEMA project. Her upcoming film CASH will also be a thriller, based on a play about a business executive who becomes a whistle-blower to expose human trafficking in the food industry.

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