Biografie Walid Fellah


Walid Fellah was born in the southern Tunisian city of Zarzis and studied architecture in Tunisia. At university he was a member of the student union “Union général des étudients tunesiens” and of the Tunisian amateur filmmakers’ association (FTCA). Along with other young film enthusiasts, he organised a short film festival in his hometown called the “Journées cinématographiques de court-métrage“. After protests against the Ben Ali dictatorship began in 2011, he also began to film his own documentary about young Tunisians opting to leave the country and head to Italy for an unknown future.

In June 2014, Walid Fellah took part in the “Freedom March to Brussels” from Strasbourg, along with 400 activists, who demonstrated “against racist immigration and border policies of the EU”. Footage of this protest is also included in his film BOZA, which begins on the militarily secured EU external border.

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