Biografie Klaus Wischmann


The co-director of the documentary “Kinshasa Symphony” also works as a writer and managing director of “Sounding Images”. Before he started to shoot films, he completed his piano studies. Since then he has made more than 40 documentaries, reports, concert recordings and portraits of individuals. Many of his films revolve around music. They have been shown at international festivals, such as the Berlinale and in Nyon, at the “Festival
International de Programmes Audiovisuelles” (Fipa) in Biarritz and at the “Rose d’Or” television film festival in Lucerne. He received audience awards at the “Golden Prague Festival” and at the “Festival of German Cinema” in Ludwigsburg. He made the film “Kinshasa Symphony” with Martin Baer and Pascal Capitolin. Martin Baer is a cameraman, writer and director and has already made several notable history documentaries about Africa, such as “Befreien Sie Afrika!” (Free Africa!) and “Weiße Geister – der Kolonialkrieg gegen die Herero” (White Ghosts – The Colonial War against the Herero).

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