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"Yes! That`s Us” is the name of a collective from Kampala, the capital of Uganda, who as a group take directing credit for the feature film "Divizionz". The collective was founded in 2002 by the artists Donald Mugisha, Rogers Wadada, Alex Ireeta and Senkaaba "Xenson" Samson, who were not interested in making a career for themselves out of the group, but rather "to allow their collective work to speak for itself". Since 2001 "Yes! That`s Us" has produced music videos and short films. The group also collaborates with musicians and artists from various East African countries. The collective received the "Golden Impala" for their film "610" at the international film festival in Kampala.
One of the driving forces of "Yes! That`s Us" is Donald Mugisha. Born in 1979 in Kampala, he is one of the most important figures of the contemporary music scene in Uganda. With his company DEDDAC he has been producing music videos and short films since 2000 and supports the work of the collective with the money he makes from them. He wrote significant parts of the script for "Divizionz" and put the film crew together. He explained in an interview how as a young boy he used to experiment with his father’s video camera and recorded him and his brother playing cops and robbers. He confesses on his website that "I love, eat, breathe, sleep and dream videos. I can`’t imagine ever doing anything different in my life to what I do now".
Adolf El Assal, who presented the "Yes! That`s us" collective and its film in Cologne, worked on "Divizionz" as an executive producer. Born in 1981 in Alexandria in Egypt, he currently works as a director and producer in Luxembourg.
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