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Dara Kell is an award-winning South African filmmaker and editor. She has edited documentaries about international justice, prison reform, LGBT rights, Head Start and domestic violence amongst others.
Dara Kell - Co-Director / Producer / Editor - is a South African filmmaker and editor, and is the recipient of `Participant Media`s Outstanding Filmmaker` award, representing Africa. Her editing credits include`The Reckoning`, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2009 and was broadcast on P.O.V., the Academy Award-nominated`Jesus Camp`,`Courting Justice` and`Mercurial Son: The Blues of Lurrie Bell`. She was a field producer in South Africa for Amnesty International`s`Human Rights, Human Needs`, and facilitates filmmaking workshops with grassroots organizations to empower communities to tell their own stories. (Africultures)
Wive of Christopher NIzza.

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