Country:BRD 2010
Language:OF m. dt. UT
Length:95 Minutes
Film series:Jenseits von Europa XI

Director :Baer, Martin
 Wischmann, Klaus
Cinematography:Baer, Martin
 Dreyer, Michael
Editing:Klum, Peter
Music:Schade, Jan Tilman
Sound:Capitolin, Pascal
Cast:Diangienda, Armand
Producer:Pannen, Stefan
 Preuße, Holger
Production company: Sounding Images GmbH


Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is the third-largest city in Africa with 10 millions inhabitants. The film shows how some people living there have managed to forge one of the most complex systems of human cooperation ever invented: a symphony orchestra performing Handel, Verdi, Beethoven. “Kinshasa Symphony” shows Kinshasa in all its diversity, speed, colour, vitality and energy. It is a film about the Congo, about the people of Kinshasa and about music.


  • Festival des Deutschen Films 2010 (Ludwigshafen, Deutschland): Publikumspreis
  • Jecheon International Music&Film Festival 2010 (Jecheon, Südkorea): Grand Prize
  • Rhode Island International Film Festival 2010 (Providence, USA): Grand Prize: Beste Kamera
  • CMJ Film Festival 2010 (New York, USA): Bester Dokumentarfilm
  • 11. Image et Vie 2011 (Dakar, Senegal): Bester Dokumentarfilm
  • New York Festival 2011 (New York, USA): Gold World Medal
  • Bolzano Cinema 2011 (Bozen, Italien): Bester Dokumentarfilm und Publikumspreis
  • Festival de Cine Alemán (Buenos Aires, Argentinien): Publikumspreis
  • Vancouver International Film Festival 2010 (Vancouver, Kanada): Most Popular Non Fiction Award:
  • Santa Rosa Int. Film Festival 2011 (Santa Rosa, USA): Preis für die beste künstlerische Leistung
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