Title German:OUAGA SAGA
Title English:OUAGA SAGA
Title French:OUAGA SAGA
Country:Burkina Faso 2005
Format:35mm; DVD
Language:OF franz. m. dt. UT
Length:90 Minutes
Age:ab 12 Jahren
Film series:13. African Film Festival, Africa goes Veedel. africologneFestival, Jenseits von Europa IX, 17. Afrika Film Festival

Director :Kouyaté, Dani
Screenplay:Berenbaum, Jean Denis
 Mifsud, Michel
Cinematography:Schiffrine, Jean-Claude
Editing:Fernandez, Jean Daniel
Music:Samba, Moctar
Cast:Bonsa, Amidou
 Sanou, Aguibou
 Sorgho, José


A comedy from Ouagadougou that young students in Cologne always enjoy. The film tells the story of youths in the capital of the West African country of Burkina Faso, who dream of making it big as football, film, or pop stars, and opening their own cinema. In their real lives, however, each must do odd jobs like water carrier, mechanic, or waiter – and sometimes a bit of underhanded activity - to make ends meet. A jealous neighbour rats them out, landing them in jail. But the neighbourhood women protest their imprisonment since they are underage, marching to the police commissariat to bring the authorities to release them. In this feature film, enriched with elements of fantasy, golden sparks float across the imagery, donkeys can speak, and at the end there is a happy end that could only happen in the movies. It is a film for the young and the young at heart.

OUAGA SAGA director DaniKouyaté, who also serves as this year’s patron, describes his classic film: "OUAGA SAGA is an homage to the city of Ouagadougou and to its love of cinema…It is a modern and jovial fairy tale as well as an invitation to a little madness and optimism."


Ausgezeichnet 2005 mit dem Großen Preis des FESPACO-Filmfestivals in Ouagadougou