Country:Südafrika 2004
Language:OF engl.
Length:08 Minutes
Film series:Jenseits von Europa X

Director :Marx, Gerhard
 Newton, Lara Foot
Screenplay:Newton, Lara Foot
Cinematography:Mac Person, Fiona
Sound:Petrak, Jim
Cast:Le Maitre, Martin
Producer:de Mardt, Marlow
 DO Productions
 Olen, Brigid
Production company:DO Productions


With the sensitivity to respect the mutilated victim of baby rape by mixing stop-start animation with real people, Lara Foot Newton and Gerhard Marx`s short film has limitless ambition and a surreal imagination.
Based on true events in South Africa in 2001 when a nine month old baby was found raped and murdered, And There In The Dust resembles a visual poem, beautifully rendered by Mncedisi Shabangu`s spoken narrative ("Nothing ever happens here. The sun is always looking at us - The Big Boss"), accompanied by imagery from the dreamscape of a child.


Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Berlin 2006: Jury lobende Erwähnung, in der es hieß: "Suggestiv, poetisch, universell, stark von Inhalt und Form in jeder Minute."
Festival international de courts-métrage de Berlin, 2006: une mention spéciale du jury qui disait: "suggestif, poétique, universel, puissant dans le contenu et la forme à chaque minute."

Independents Film Festival 2004 (USA): Best Independent Mini Film Award
Merit - Brett Kebble Award 2004
Durban International Film Festival 2005 Best South African Short Film
African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival of Milan, Italy 2006: Best Short Film
2006 South African Film and Television Golden Horn: Best Writer, Best Cinematographer and Best Short Film
International Competition "Confrontations - Films Against Violence And Intolerance" at the 22nd International Short Film
Birds Eye View Film Festival, UK 2007: The Action Aid Award

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