Country:Kenia; Deutschland  2019
Language:OF m. dt. UT
Length:61 Minutes
Film series:African Film Days Cologne

Director :Nthiga, Mugambi


Young Lusala grows up in the countryside with his violent father. Eventually, he manages to escape and is adopted by a wealthy family in the metropolis of Nairobi. However, memories of his horrific childhood keep haunting Lusala. Having grown older, he must leave his sheltered home when his adoptive parents decide it’s time for him to stand on his own two feet. They get him a job as a mechanic and a small flat above the garage. At first, Lusala is keen to make the best of his new situa-tion, but the demons of the past aren’t easily exorcised. LUSALA, a combination of intimate family drama and psychological thriller, is the debut of Kenyan actor and screen-writer Mugambi Nthiga, addressing the urbanisation and the traumas in his native Kenya.

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