Country:Marokko/Frankreich/Belgien 2017
Language:OF m. engl. UT
Length:109 Minutes
Film series:16. Afrika Film Festival

Director :Nabil Ayouch


Casablanca, vibrant and rough, inviting yet unforgiving. Hakim, living in the conservative Medina, dreams of being a rock star. Salima, on the verge of resignation, struggles to free herself from a society that wants to define her. Joe, a Jewish restaurant owner, chooses to live in the Casablanca he fantasises about, blurring his reality. Inès, young and rich, is torn between tradition and modernity. More than three decades earlier, a passionate teacher in the Atlas mountains is put to silence. Their disillusions embody the sparks that will light up the city in flames.
“With Razzia, I wanted to delve deeper, exploring the soul of the silent majority, this invisible army whose voices aren’t raised loudly enough and yet who are wholly entitled to proclaim their right to exist. Whilst speaking of them, I’m speaking of us”. (Nabil Ayouch)