Subtitle:Un continent sous influence
Country:Benin, Frankreich 2016
Aspect ratio:16:9
Language:OF m. engl. UT
Length:89 Minutes
Film series:15. Afrika Film Festival

Director :Amoussou, Sylvestre
Cast:Amoussou, Sylvestre
 Bulteau, Sandrine
 Ebouaney, Eriq


The majority of films from Africa – or those with African protagonists – on the subject of land grabbing generally document cases of land grabs and evictions in various countries and the resistance from those affected. The feature film L’ORAGE AFRICAIN (THE AFRICAN STORM) goes one step further and illustrates how the selling-off of the continent’s land can be stopped, using the example of a fictitious African nation called Tangara. Following nationwide consultations, the President of Tangara (played by the director Sylvestre Amoussou) nationalises foreign companies and prohibits the sale of land. In response to complaints from the white mine operators that it was because of their technology that the oil and diamonds could be mined in the first place, he replies: "But the raw materials come from our soil!" In order to protect their own interests, the businessmen resort to any available means, but the people and politicians of Tangara know how to stand up for themselves…
Its refreshing political perspective won the film second prize at FESPACO 2017 in Ouagadougou and it received a rapturous reception from the African audience there.

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