Country:Tunesien 2017
Language:OF m. dt. UT
Length:80 Minutes
Film series:15. Afrika Film Festival

Director :Mezni Hafaiedh, Nada
Screenplay:Mezni Hafaiedh, Nada
Cinematography:Arafa, Ikbal
Music:Azaiez, Yacine
Sound:Belfekih, Helmi
Cast:Sboui, Amina
Production company:Leyth Production


“My body belongs to me!” Femen activists scrawled this slogan on their naked bodies in 2013 to make a stand for equality for women. UPON THE SHADOW documents the life of former Femen activist Amina Sboui. She has since turned her back on the women’s rights group, but continues to fight for gender equality. She has set up a houseshare in Tunisia as a place of refuge for friends of hers from the LGBTQI community who are persecuted. She lives with two transvestites, Sandra and Atef, and two homosexuals, Ramy and Ayoub. All have been shunned by their respective families. The film gives us an insight into her inner workings and has an unexpected twist or two in store.

Nada Mezni Hafaiedh’s film puts forward a powerful cinematic plea to bring an end to the rampant homophobia in Tunisian society.

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