Country:Haiti; Frankreich 2009
Language:OF m. dt. UT
Length:107 Minutes
Film series:African Diaspora Cinema

Director :Peck, Raoul
Screenplay:Peck, Raoul
Cast:Joseph, Patrick


In a secluded castle in the mountains, a longtime president prepares for a state ceremony, surrounded by his closest associates. Notables, dignitaries, and numerous foreign guests of state are expected to attend the festivities. But when the celebration day arrives, so does a rebellion that quickly captures the whole country, and one after another the foreign guests send their regrets. Director Raoul Peck says: “With this fi lm, I wanted to explain the hidden side of the power. What does the last day of an infl uential man feel like, for one whose power was never in question and is drawn at once into a maelstrom of events he cannot control? ... In this moment of history, the true nature of existence, fears, and hopes are revealed to the human being, especially given the insight that there is no more room for tricks. With this fi lm I also wanted to return to my country. From a Shakespearean perspective, I wanted to re-experience the tragedy and the stupidity of these past 60 years of political confusion. Nowhere else has the present caused so much confusion and so many inconsistencies as in Haiti.”