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From West Africa to Western Europe and back:
KEN BUGUL (Senegal/F) reads from Le Baobab Fou and other novels

The reading and conversation to follow will be moderated by Marija Bakker. German interpretation will be provided by Christiane Zender and the German texts will be read by Babette Michel.

“Writing means beguiling the senses – and the senses have no colour.” (Ken Bugul)

Ken Bugul is considered one of the most distinguished voices of West African francophone literature. She gained widespread international acclaim with her 1982 debut novel Le Baobab Fou, published in English as The Abandoned Baobab. For more than 30 years, her writing has painted a picture of her life and provided poetic commentary on current themes such as media, pollution, and migration. In so doing, her stories both connect   and provide razor-sharp analysis of the social and political relations between her continent and the Occident.