Subtitle:Short Version of The Last Angel of History, British TV
Country:Ghana, Großbritannien 1995
Language:OF engl.
Length:45 Minutes
Film series:Jenseits von Europa IV

Director :Akomfrah, John


The Last Angel of History is a 45 minute 1996 documentary that deals with concepts of Afrofuturism as a metaphor for the displacement of black culture and roots. The film is a hybrid documentary and fictional narrative. Documentary segments include traditional talking head clips from musicians, writers, and social critics, as well as archival video footage and photographs. The fictional story follows the journey of the “data thief” who must travel across time and space in search of a crossroads where he makes archaeological digs for fragments of history and technology in search of the code that holds the key to his future. The structure of the film makes it a meta-narrative commenting on while also becoming part of the genre of Afrofuturism. The film bases its concepts around George Clinton`s Mothership Connection and features interviews with George Clinton, Derrick May, Samuel R. Delany, Nichelle Nichols, Juan Atkins, DJ Spooky, Goldie and others to explore the link between black music as a way of exploring the future. The film makes mention to Sun Ra, whose work centers around the return of blacks to outer space in his own Mothership.


Short Version of The Last Angel of History, British TV