Country:Tschad 2013
Language:OF m. engl. UT
Length:101 Minutes
Film series:13. African Film Festival

Director :Haroun, Mahamat-Saleh
Screenplay:Haroun, Mahamat-Saleh
Cinematography:Héberlé, Antoine
Editing:Dozo, Marie-Hélène
Music:Diop, Wasis
Cast:Démé, Souleymane
 Guei, Cyril
 Monory, Anaïs
 Yelolo, Marius
Producer:Stern, Florence
Production company: Pili Films
  Goï Goï Productions
 France 3 Cinéma


At night, Souleymane, whose handicap makes walking difficult, transforms in N`Djamena’s discotheques into the acclaimed dancer GRIGRIS, who impresses people with his moves. There he also meets Mimi, a beautiful prostitute with whom he falls in love. When his stepfather becomes seriously ill, Souleymane desperately needs money, and he joins up with a gang of petrol smugglers. But soon, he goes from being a thief to being hunted.

Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, one of the most successful directors from Africa, found the inspiration for his fifth feature film in the Chadian capital: “In N`Djamena, there are constantly car chases between border police and smugglers, and I wanted to make a crime film without falling into the usual clichés.” He discovered his main actor, the dancer Souleymane Démé, at a club in Ouagadougou while visiting the FESPACO 2011 film festival there. “When I saw him onstage, I knew immediately: that’s the hero of my film.”

GRIGRIS was the only African contribution amongst the official competition at the Cannes International Film Festival 2013.

Recommendation, experience, material

GRIGRISlief 2013 als einziger afrikanischer Beitrag im offiziellen Wettbewerb der Internationalen Filmfestspiele in Cannes.
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