Country:Südafrika 2012
Format:DVD, Blu-ray
Aspect ratio:16:9
Language:OF m. engl. UT
Length:103 Minutes
Film series:Neue Filme aus Nordafrika und Südafrika

Director :Wa Luruli, Ntshaveni
Screenplay:Maumela, Titus Ntsiene
 Wa Luruli, Ntshaveni
Screenplay by:Maumela, Titus Ntsiene
Cinematography:Gewer, Lance
Editing:Kaganof, Aryan
Music:Letcher, Chris
Sound:Albert, Greg
Cast:Kunene, Vusi
 Masebe, Florence
Producer:Schattauer, Florian
Production company: Shadowy Meadows Productions


Elelwani and her boyfriend are in love and plan to spend the rest of their lives together. They are both educated and live urban lives with aspirations to travel abroad. After the Uni- versity graduation Elelwani returns to her family in the rural countryside to introduce her boyfriend and announce their future plans. But the weight of tradition bears heavily on her family and they refuse to accept the union. The father wants his daughter to become the wife of the local king, despite her insistent refusal. What unfolds is a secret hidden by the royal family from the community and Elelwani is destined to uncover these mysteries and deceptions.
  • Filmstill "Elelwani"
  • Filmstill "Elewani"