Country:Deutschland 1999
Format:35 mm
Language:dt. Fassung
Length:85 Minutes
Film series:Jenseits von Europa XII

Director :Schlaich, Frieder
Screenplay:Pohl, Klaus
Cinematography:Tittel, Volker
Editing:Rokob, Magdolna
Music:Philippe, Don
Cast:Burkholder, Siegrid
 de Bankolé, Isaach
 Friedrich, Hanno
 Kugler, Lara
 Mattes, Eva
 Metschurat, Barnaby
Producer:Lechner, Thomas
 Tronnier, Claudia
 von Alberti, Irene
Production company:Filmgalerie 451
 Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)


Otomo is based on a true story of the West African asylum seeker Albert Ament. In the film he is called Frederic Otomo. On 8 August 1989 he was falsely accused of not having a ticket on a Stuttgart tram. In his panic he escaped and fled. When police confronted him on a bridge just a few hours later, it led to a catastrophic outcome. The film attempts to reconstruct what happened in the hours beforehand. This fictionalised account takes a hard-hitting look at the bleak reality of refugees and at structural racism in Germany.