Title German:KAIRO 678
Title English:CAIRO 6,7,8
Title French:LES FEMMES DU BUS 678
Country:Ägypten 2010
Language:OF m. dt. UT
Length:100 Minutes
Film series:Jenseits von Europa XII

Director :Diab, Mohamed
Screenplay:Diab, Mohamed
Cinematography:Gabr, Ahmed
Editing:Salah El din, Amr
Music:Adel, Hani
Sound:Martin, Julien
 El Demerdash, Motaz
 El Feshawy, Ahmed
 El Kedwany, Maged
 El Saeed, Omar
 El Sebaï, Nahed
 Goubran, Yara
 Karim, Nelly
 Mahran, Marwa
 Samra, Bassem
 Goher, Sarah
Production company:New Century Productions


"At first glance the theme of the film is sexual harassment, but in fact it is about breaking the silence… We have the tendency to keep quiet about problems instead of solving them", says Mohamed Diab, the director of the film. In his impressive directorial debut aided by outstanding performances, Diab tells the story of three women in Cairo from different social backgrounds who will no longer tolerate being harassed by men and want to take the perpetrators to court.

The film is based on true events and generated widespread discussion in Egypt about women`s position in Egyptian society – even before the start of the protests on Tahrir Square.


Beim Dubai International Film Festival 2011 wurden Boshra und Maged ElKedwany als beste SchauspielerInnen ausgezeichnet.

At the Dubai International Film Festival 2011 Boshra and Maged El Kedwany won the awards for best actress and actor.

Lors du Festival international du film de Dubaï de 2011, BoshraetMaged El Kedwany ont été récompensées en tant que meilleures actrice et acteur.

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