Title German:HAWI
Title English:HAWI
Title French:HAWI
Country:Ägypten/Katar 2011
Language:OF m. dt. UT
Length:112 Minutes
Film series:Game Over

Director :El Batout, Ibrahim
Screenplay:El Batout, Ibrahim
Cinematography:El Ghonemy, Ahmed
 El Hadidi, Mohamed
 Nabil, Mina
Editing:Mo'ataz, Perry
Music:Egbary, Massar
Sound:El Kashef, Alaa
 Massoud, Ayman
Cast:Aref, Rina
 El Sayed, Mohamed
 El Sherif, Dessouki
 Iskandar, Fady
 Youssef, Hanan
Producer:El Batout, Ibrahim
Production company:Ein Shams films


The sense of hope in Egypt right before the insurrection is alreday reflected in the structure of this film. Without having a scripted story and acted by non professional actors, the director Ibrahim El Batout creates this mosaic of Alexandria. A political prisoner is released and a TV talkmaster is looking for someone to talk to in his show. A confused farmer accompanied by his ill horse walks through the streets and musicians are writing a political song. All of them are looking for something and their lifes are connected somehow, but they’ll never meet.

Ibrahim El Batout already won international acknowledgement with his fiction film Ein Shams (2008).
With his latest film he is one of the first realising an independent production without being dominated by the commercial Egyptian cinema.

Recommendation, experience, material

Trailer "HAWI"