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Vincent Moloi is among the most innovative and prolific filmmakers in South Africa. He has produced and directed more than 50 documentaries on a wide range of subjects, and more than ten TV series, including THE LAB, SOCIETY 1, SOUL CITY and A PLACE CALLED HOME. One of his most significant accolades
was the African Trailblazer Award, which he won at the MIPCOM international television festival in Cannes.
His documentary A PAIR OF BOOTS AND A BICYCLE (2007) about Job Maseko, a highly decorated black soldier who fought against Nazi Germany in the Second World War, has been screened as part of the THIRD WORLD IN WORLD WAR TWO exhibition in Cape Town. The exhibition was co-curated by FilmInitiativ and its English version is touring South Africa since February 2017.
Vincent Moloi will present his film SKULLS OF MY PEOPLE from 2016 at the anniversary festival. It documents the demand of the Herero and Nama people in Namibia to be paid reparations by the German government for the genocide carried out by Germany from 1904 in its former colony. The film ticks all
the boxes regarding Moloi’s stated ambition of “conquering global markets with relevant films”.

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