Biografie Léandre-Alain Baker


Born in 1960 in Bangui (Central African Republic), Léandre-Alain Baker not only made a name for himself in the Republic of the Congo for his filmmaking exploits, but also for his acting ability and the plays and novels he wrote. He started up a literature circle in the capital Brazzaville, and co-founded the “Théâtre de l’Eclair” with the writer Emmanuel Dongala. His own works include novels such as “Ici s’achève le voyage” (published by “L’Harmattan” in France). As an actor, he has worked with renowned theatre directors such as Peter Brook. Since the 1990s he has made short films, documentaries and feature films, including “Un pygmée dans la baignoire” (1993), “La couture de Paris” (1996), “Au bout du couloirs” (1999) and “Les oranges de Belleville” (2005), which was part of the “Paris, la metisse” compilation film. His feature film “Ramata” was included in the main competition at the FESPACO 2009 in Ouagadougou, as well as at many other international film festivals, such as Rotterdam and Dubai.

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