Country:Deutschland 2006
Format:35 mm
Language:OF dt.
Length:104 Minutes
Film series:Jenseits von Europa XII, Africa goes Cologne - Cologne goes Africa (2007)

Director :Halfar, Sven
Screenplay:Bantzer, Aurel
 Halfar, Sven
Cinematography:Heuer, Dirk
 Schultz, David
Editing:Schuberth, Götz
Music:Kacirek, Nils
Sound:Röhm, Jens
Cast:Kretschmer, Daniel
 Naidoo, Xavier
 Odukoya, Ade Bantu
 Wappler, Mamadee
Producer:Schubert, Stefan
 Tielsch, Thomas
Production company:Filmtank
 Wüste Filmproduktion


At the centre of this film are musicians Ade Bantu, D-Flame and Mamadee. When Ade was 15 years old his father was murdered in Nigeria. Following that he moved to Cologne with his German mother and siblings. When D-Flame's problems with his mother escalated he was sent into a home and turned criminal. When Mamadee was ten years old, the German Democratic Republic collapsed dashing her dreams of wearing the red neckerchief worn by the Thälmann Pioneers.
All three have a black father and a white mother, but they all had to grow up without their fathers. They are all German and yet, because of their skin colour, are seen as being different. They met for the first time after the Mozambican Alberto Adriano was pummelled to death by three youths in a park in Dessau. Together with other black German musicians like Xavier Naidoo they founded the project "Brothers Keepers” (swiftly augmented by "Sisters Keepers") with the aim of performing together in schools in East Germany and elsewhere to mobilise people to act against racism in everyday life.

  • Filmstill Adegoke Odukoya
  • Foto D-Flame mit Sohn
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