Country:Mali 2002
Language:OF m. engl. UT
Length:112 Minutes
Film series:Jenseits von Europa VIII

Director :Kouyaté, Assane
Screenplay:Dembélé, Abdoul Karim
 Kouyaté, Assane
Cinematography:Humeau, Jean-Michel
Editing:Davanture, Andrée
Music:Seck, Cheikh Tidiane
Sound:Sangaré, Bakary
Cast:Kassogué, Hamadoun
 Koné, Djénéba
 Traoré, Fily
 Traoré, Modibo
Producer:Coulibaly, Youssouf
 Jean-Baptiste, Francine
 Kouyaté, Assane
Production company:C.N.P.C.
 Farafina Dambé
 Mandala Productions


Kabala is a small West African village suffering from a terrible drought. The only source of water is a holy well that shows signs of contamination. The village elders decide that a traditional dance of fire is needed to bring life back to the village. Hamalla (Modibo Traoré), one of the village`s many youths, prepares to join this sacred dance until his torch doesn`t light, and he is cast out of the ceremony as doubts begin to surface about his legitimacy. Humiliated, he leaves the village and the woman he loves, Sokona (Djénéba Koné), to work as a dynamite blaster in a distant mine.

Four years pass, and Hamalla hears news of tragic fatalities in his village due to the tainted well water. He decides to return home to provide assistance. There he is reunited with Sokona, who is now betrothed to Hamalla`s brother, Sériba (Fily Traoré), who already has a pregnant wife. The men`s father, Babji (Baba Dabo), attempts to reconcile violent dispute between his sons, suffering a severe heart attack. On his deathbed, Babji reveals a secret to Hamalla that explains why he was originally cast out of the sacred fired dance é Hamalla`s mother is the local witch, Bayassa (Nakani Koné). Their love was not allowed to exist; Babji was forced to raise Hamalla with a new wife.

Hamalla tries to convince the village elders of the necessity to drill within the sacred well, but his entreaties are presumed to be a desecration of the village`s spiritual symbol. (Africultures)


Der Film wurde mit Laiendarstellern gedreht und beim FESPACO 2003 mit dem Spezialpreis der Jury ausgezeichnet.

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