Country:Tunesien; Belgien 2018
Aspect ratio:Scope
Language:OF arab. m. dt. UT
Length:102 Minutes
Film series:17. Afrika Film Festival

Director :Ben Mahmoud, Mahmoud


Tunis, 2013. After his son Marouane dies in a motorbike accident, Brahim, who lives in France, returns to Tunisia for the first time in years. The grief he feels for his son is compounded by his horror when faced with the recent political developments in his homeland. The dictatorship of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali has come to an end and a parliamentary democracy has been established, but, as a consequence of the country’s newfound freedom of speech, Salafists and Islamic extremists are among those now having their say. The liberal Brahim finds out that not only has his ex-wife Loubna, an author, had a FATWA imposed upon her due to her latest book, but also that his son was an active member of a radical Islamic group. Brahim attempts to find out how this came about. Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud’s investigative drama won the main prize at the 2018 Journées Cinématographique de Carthage in Tunis, the oldest fi lm festival in Africa.

  • Filmstill FATWA