Country:Dänemark; Somalia 2018
Aspect ratio:SCOPE
Language:OF m. dt. UT
Length:82 Minutes
Film series:17. Afrika Film Festival

Director :Farah, Nasib
 Jespersen, Søren Steen
Cinematography:Ipsen, Henrik Bohn
Editing:Johannessen, Steen
Sound:Holm, Christian
 Hopland, Anita


LOST WARRIOR tells the story of Mohammed, whose parents wish him a better life and thus send him from Somalia to England when he is just three years old. He goes off the rails as a teenager, however, landing himself in prison and becoming radicalised, before being deported to Somalia when he is 19: straight into the clutches of Islamist militant group Al-Shabaab. When he realises that Al-Shabaab fights for neither liberation nor peace, he flees to Mogadishu and goes into hiding. But the organisation considers him a defector
and tries to hunt him down. He meets Fathi, a young woman from London. They get married and Fathi gets
pregnant, but she has to return to London alone, because Mohammed has no papers. Will the family be reunited? Director Nasib Farah’s film is a plea for young people who have “risked their lives to escape the clutches of a terror organisation” to be given a second chance.

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