Country:Algerien, Frankreich, Belgien 2016
Aspect ratio:16:9
Language:OF m. engl. UT
Length:90 Minutes
Film series:15. Afrika Film Festival

Director :Bentoumi, Farid
Screenplay:Bentoumi, Farid
 Macé, Gaëlle
Cinematography:Dumas, Isabelle
Editing:Bouzy, Jean-Christophe
Music:Foster, Robin
Cast:Belkebla, Fadila
 Bouajila, Sami
 Gastambide, Franck


Samir lives in France and is the oldest son of two Algerian migrants. He has almost no connection to his family’s country of origin, Algeria, despite the fact his parents have returned home. He runs a small business and invests a lot of time and money in the development of high-quality ski equipment. But his skills are more technical than entrepreneurial and when the expected orders for his products fail to materialise, his company finds itself on the verge of bankruptcy. In order to save it, Samir’s business partner Stephane comes up with a bizarre idea: He proposes that Samir competes in the Winter Olympics for Algeria as a cross-country skier, to promote their company’s products. But to do so, Samir first has to deal with the sports officials in his family’s homeland.
The wonderfully light-hearted and multi-award-winning comedy has the feel of a modern fairytale but it is based on a real-life incident relating to the director Farid Bentoumi’s family. In 2006 in Turin, his brother Noureddin did in fact become the first Algerian to ever take part in a skiing event at the Winter Olympics.