Country:Marokko 2017
Aspect ratio:16:9
Language:OF m. engl. UT
Length:111 Minutes
Film series:15. Afrika Film Festival

Director :Lasri, Hicham
Screenplay:Lasri, Hicham
Editing:Lanfant, Mona-Lise
Music:Hojeij, Wissam
Cast:Abou el Fadl, Zoubir
 Ahrrare, Latefa
 Hattab, Aziz


Morocco, 1986. The somewhat surreal story of HEADBANG LULLABY is told from the perspective of government official Daoud. Following Morocco’s surprising victory over Portugal in the Football World Cup, he is summoned to a bridge that crosses over what is usually a quiet motorway. This is because the King of Morocco, Hassan II, whose politics in the previous years has led to an increase in poverty and the bloody "bread revolts", is expected to drive by. Daoud has several strange encounters while on guard duty there: with government supporters and the families of political prisoners, a mysterious stranger, a Berber and a football fan. As he did in his feature film STARVE YOUR DOG, which FilmInitiativ presented at the 2016 Kölner Kino Nächte, director Hicham Lasri takes a socially critical look at Moroccan history in his latest film, creating a visually stunning, psychedelic fairytale full of absurd situations, in which the protagonists who are suffering from merciless repression are allowed to flourish.
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