Title English:THE CHOSEN
Country:Ruanda 2014
Language:OF m. engl. UT
Length:64 Minutes
Film series:14. African Film Festival

Director :Eric Kabera


INTORE (THE CHOSEN) offers a powerful and rare look at how Rwanda survived its tragic past by regaining its identity through music, dance, and the resilience of a new generation. It`s a story of triumph, survival, hope, and a lesson in how to forgive and live, through the eyes of a mother whose grief gives hope; an artist who chose to forgive rather than seek revenge; a maestro who brings together the National Ballet with an incredible touch of genius; and a young man who`s determination and hard work has given the Rwandan culture a new dimension of identity and celebration. Through these characters and others, viewers will bear witness to how the nation rose above the ashes of a horrific 1994 genocide, to become a world model of post-conflict peace and unity. The film features music performances from Rwanda’s top traditional and commercial artists in music and dance, interwoven with poignant interviews from genocide survivors and perpetrators who sit side-by-side; plus Rwandan leaders, legends, and Hollywood elite.
(Afrika Film Festival 2016, Leuven)

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