Country:Dänemark; Deutschland 2013
Language:OF m. dt. UT
Length:75 Minutes
Film series:African Diaspora Cinema

Director :Akinleminu, Jide Tom
Screenplay:Akinleminu, Jide Tom
Cinematography:Akinleminu, Jide Tom


In this intense documentary, Jide Tom Akinleminu compares life in the Danish diaspora with the everyday equivalent in his father’s village back in Nigeria. His father once told him that his decision to live in Nigeria, far away from his family in Denmark, had been the right one for him, in spite of the pains of separation and loneliness. For his graduation fi lm at the Berlin German Film and Television Academy, the young director travelled to Nigeria to visit his father on his farm. “I observe him within the context of his everyday life, which was alien to me, an almost fairy-tale land of kings and chiefs, which feels closed off from the rest of the world. For a short time, we live together as two working men, he with his chickens, me with my camera.” The result is a cinematic narrative of personal refl ection. “When we try talking about life decisions, it’s as if time stands
still.” According to Jide Tom Akinleminu, people cannot change their roots, and his fi lm poses the question whether they can really decide where their path in life leads them...
PORTRAIT OF A LONE FARMER won the 2014 3Sat Film Award for best German language documentary.

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