Title English:FEVERS
Country:Frankreich; Marokko 2014
Language:OF m. dt. UT
Length:90 Minutes
Film series:African Diaspora Cinema

Director :Ayouch, Hicham
Screenplay:Ayouch, Hicham
Cast:Dazi, Slimane


Benjamin is 13 years old and is at odds with adults around him and with himself. He lives in a youth home until he finds out who his father is, at which point he decides to move in with his father. Karim, his 40-year-old warehouse worker father, lives with his own parents in an ugly suburb near Paris and has no idea what to do with his son. The grandparents feel put off by Benjamin’s aggressive manner. The only person Benjamin gets along with is Claude, a sort of Renaissance man who lives in a site trailer. What both have in common is art: Claude writes poetry and Benjamin paints fantastic graffi ti on the grey suburban walls. Moroccan director Hicham Ayouch, who won the
top prize at the 2015 FESPACO pan-African fi lm festival with FIÈVRES, said of his film: “FIÈVRES could play in any city, but I have decided to tell the story in these suburbs. Everything there is untamed, and extremely full of violence, but also full of poetry and passion for life.” Among the film’s many awards are the best acting trophies
won by Slimane Dazi and Didier Michon at the International Film Festival in Marrakech.

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