Title English:BURN THE SEA
Country:Frankreich 2014
Language:OF m. dt. UT
Length:75 Minutes
Film series:African Diaspora Cinema

Director :Berchache, Maki
 Nambot, Nathalie


In the Maghreb, refugees who try to cross the Mediterranean to Europe are called “Harraga”, which literally translates to “people who leave everything behind them ‘burned’”: their lands of origin,  national boundaries, papers, and the sea. One of them is Maki Berchache, a young Tunisian immigrant, who like many others crossed the sea, landed in Lampedusa, and now lives in Paris. There he met director Nathalie Nambot, who wrote the following about the beginning of their cinematic collaboration: “One day he said to me: ‘History is only written about great people. We don’t exist in it.’ A few months later, we decided to write a chapter of history together.” The result is the fi lmic essay BRÛLE LA MER (BURN THE SEA), about the paradoxical crossroads between the dynamic energy of an ongoing revolution, the drive to set out for Europe, and the violence of being refused entry.” In June 2015, the fi lm was honoured with the “Hors Pistes” prize at the Curitiba International Film Festival in Brazil.

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