Country:Frankreich 2011
Language:OF m. engl. UT
Length:180 Minutes
Film series:African Diaspora Cinema

Director :Niang, Philippe
Screenplay:Niang, Philippe


A historical epic about the successful rebellion of slaves that led to Haiti’s independence on 1 January 1804. Leading the revolt was Toussaint Louverture, a man who is forced to watch as his father is thrown into the sea at Cap Haiti, an event depicted in the film’s opening scene. He is considered by the European slave traders too old to work on their estates. After growing up on a plantation and being released from slavery, he takes up arms with underground fi ghters against slavery. As European colonial powers vie for supremacy in the Caribbean
islands, he opposes Spain and England and aligns with France, in hopes that the goals of “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” of the French Revolution will also apply to the colonised. But Napoleon wants to keep the French colonial empire, and so begins the war to liberate Haiti. Though the fictional story line does not correspond in all respects to real events, French-Senegalese director Philippe Niang but manages to highlight a chapter of history that while little known, was a significant one for the African diaspora.

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