Title German:WOHIN ICH GEHE…
Country:Frankreich 2014
Language:OF deutsch
Length:88 Minutes
Film series:African Diaspora Cinema

Director :Guerdjou, Bourlem


Eight-year-old Aya Cissoko has to cope with more than a child should be faced with. An arson attack on the Paris apartment of the family of Malian origin kills both Aya’s father Sagui and her sister Massou in front of her eyes. Shortly afterwards, her brother Moussa also dies from smoke poisoning he incurred during the night of the attack. However, there is not much time to mourn. Without the father’s income, the Cissokos have no means to make ends meet as court turns down their request for compensation. Aya loses herself in grieving for her father, her initial helplessness turning into uncontrollable aggression. Only after being accepted by a boxing coach does she manage
to focus her anger on a goal. She trains hard and works her way up until she fi nally steps into the ring to fi ght for the world title in a pivotal showdown. Bourlem Guerdjou’s DANBÉ, LA TÊTE HAUTE, adapted from
the novel by Marie Desplechin and Aya Cissoko, is based on a true story. With relentless toughness and emotional impact, the penetrating drama depicts the single-mindedness of a girl pursuing her own path against all odds. (cf. ARTE)


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