Country:Burkina Faso 1992
Language:OF m. engl. UT
Length:62 Minutes
Film series:Jenseits von Europa III

Director :Kaboré, Gaston
Screenplay:Kaboré, Gaston
Cinematography:Ferragut, Jean-Noël
Editing:Kanyala, Marie-Jeanne
Music:Badarou, Wally
 Guirma, René B.
Sound:Nourigat, Marc
Cast:Kaboré, Collette
 Kaboré, Joséphine
 Kaboré, Yacouba
 Nikiema, Joseph
 Yerbanga, Tinfissi
Production company:BBC
 Cinecom Production


A blacksmith falls off his bicycle when he tries to avoid a tortoise which crosses his path. He brings the animal home to his twelve year old son, Rabi, who becomes so fascinated that he forgets his chores at this father`s shop. When the angry smith removes the tortoise, Rabi`s grandfather, Pusga, helps Rabi find a larger one to consol the boy. Rabi wants to tame the animal and this new obsession leads him to defy parental authority. Pusga gently opens the boy`s eyes to the visible and invisible ways of nature. Rabi starts to understand liberty, responsibility and respect for life. In turn he awakens long buried sentiments in the grandfather. (IMDb)

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