Title German:DIESE HÄNDE
Country:Tansania 1991
Format:16 mm
Language:OF m. engl. UT
Length:45 Minutes
Film series:Jenseits von Europa IV

Director :M`Mbugu-Schelling, Flora
Screenplay:M`Mbugu-Schelling, Flora
Cinematography:Kissoky, Suleiman
Editing:Ndonde, Evodia
Producer:M`Mbugu-Schelling, Flora


Dedicated to women everywhere struggling to survive in poverty, Flora M’mbugu-Schelling’s documentary shows women from Mozambique in a sunbaked Tanzanian quarry relentlessly cracking rock into bits with stone hammers. With conversation among the laborers, but without voiceover or other commentary, that is to say, contextualization, the film thus proceeds until its last breath, at which point script appears to inform us that these refugees work for themselves. This is heartening insofar as they aren’t being directly exploited, yet worrisome as well, for, given the harshness and monotony of their toil, it seems evident that they would be doing other things instead if a choice were available to them. These immigrants and pioneers are starting at the bottom - a familiar kind of place for those in an unfamiliar land. (