Country:Togo 1997
Format:Beta SP Video
Language:OF m. engl. UT
Length:52 Minutes
Film series:Jenseits von Europa V

Director :Folly, Anne-Laure
Screenplay:Folly, Anne-Laure
Cinematography:Girardo, Arlette
Editing:Blanchard, Ondine
Production company:Amanou Production


The film is a documentary about Angola. It tells of the heavy cost of war to women. After ten years of struggle for independence, the war in Angola had continued for another twenty years. The film expores the motives of the combatants, which were linked to the cold war, Cuban intervention and the racist South African regime. In this film, Folly lets women tell their own stories. She shows the women from mid- or close-range, forcing the viewer to focus on their faces rather than their bodies or surroundings, and takes the time to let them say what they have to say, giving a unique women`s perspective of the conflict. Folly participates in the film through her voice-over, giving a subjective element. She admits that she is not familiar with Angola, and certainly is not an authority. The film thus becomes a record of Folly`s own journey of discovery. (Wikipedia)