Country:Mauritius 2012
Language:OF m. engl. UT
Length:90 Minutes
Film series:13. African Film Festival

Director :Anenden, Harrikrisna
 Anenden, Sharvan
Screenplay:Devi, Ananda
Cinematography:Jaxa, Piotr
Editing:Le Mignant-Labye, Catherine
Music:Boubal, Rémi
Sound:Canini, Amélie
Cast:Hassamal, Roshan
 Mootien, Kristeven
 Philips, Kitty
 Sungkur, Vinaya
Producer:Anenden, Harrikrisna
Production company:Cine Qua Non Ltd


Troumaron is a troubled neighbourhood that lies on the outskirts of Port Louis, the Mauritian capital. Those living there have barely any chance of finding a job since the nearby textile factory closed. Men and women spend their time watching television or playing dominoes on the roadside; gangs comb the streets and girls try to escape their merciless stares. In this environment, four youngsters dream of getting out of the grinding poverty. There is the wannabe poet Sadiq and the jaded, embittered Clelio; the occasional prostitute Eve and Savita, who hopes to escape her miserable life with Eve’s help. The feature film shows, without blinders or illusions, both their daily struggle for survival in these bleak surroundings and their view of the world.

LES ENFANTS DE TROUMARON received the 2012 audience award at the “Festival international des films d’Afrique et des Îles” in Réunion and a special mention by the African film critics’ jury at FESPACO 2013.


LES ENFANTS DE TROUMARON erhielt beim „Festival international des films d`Afrique et des Îles“ in Réunion 2012 den Publikumspreis und beim FESPACO 2013 in Ouagadougou eine lobende Erwähnung der Jury afrikanischer Filmkritiker.