Title English:ARTICLE 15A
Country:DR Congo 1999
Format:35 mm
Language:OF engl.
Length:11 Minutes
Film series:Jenseits von Europa VI

Director :Bakupa-Kanyinda, Balufu
Cinematography:Humeau, Jean-Michel
Editing:Ranz, Didier
Sound:N`Diagne, Adéchoubou
Cast:Bohiri, Michel
 Gohou, Michel
Producer:N`Diagne, Adéchoubou
Production company:Akangbé Productions, Dipanda Yo !


Three disillusioned soldiers chat while casually keeping guard in front of the residence of a general. The state of the country is drawn with humor, in a few murderous sentences. We are in a state of dependence rather than independence. A 15th item has been found in the Constitution: "Citizens, the story!" Illustration: a citizen urinates where a sign prohibits it and soldiers rushed to implement Article 15. "The paths of the forest are very complicated," said one soldier "and this article 15A, will apply," he continued with a "triumphant" laughter at the vanquished. In this short and well made film, Balufu returns with the verve and sarcasm that characterized the film language of his masterpiece, THE DRAUGHTSMEN CLASH. Although he remains in a much more conventional narrative, he retains his stylistic and tasty wink of an eye that provides a deeper analysis of society. (Africultures)