Country:Burkina Faso 1997
Format:35 mm
Language:OF engl.
Film series:Jenseits von Europa VI

Director :Ouédraogo, Idrissa
Screenplay:Amigorena, Santiago
 Lorelle, Olivier
 Ouédraogo, Idrissa
Cinematography:Meurisse, Jean-Paul
Editing:Coleman, Monica
Music:Badarou, Wally
Sound:Pibarot, Jacques
Cast:Kani, John
 Mohloki, David
Production company:Les Films de la plaine
 Framework International
 Noé Productions Int.
 Polar Production


In a no-man`s-land in southern Africa, a huge area where poor peasants try to survive, two friends dream of moving and trying to make it in the city. Their friends and family make fun of them as they attempt to repair an old car. Under pressure from Kini`s wife, they finally give up until a new worksite in the region provides new job opportunities. At last their dream can come true, an unexpected rivalry grows between Kini and Adams; it puts their plans of success in jeopardy and turns them into mortal enemies...

It is the poignant story of a friendship between two men who share a common dream of starting a business. Without money to buy a car, they decide to assemble one, collecting old spare parts one after the other. But, as their relationships stumble against human flaws of their persisiting unreconciled differences. (Africultures)

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