Country:Marokko 2004
Format:35 mm
Language:OF m. engl. UT
Length:11 Minutes
Film series:Jenseits von Europa IX

Director :Bensouda, Mohamed
Screenplay:Bensouda, Mohamed
Cinematography:Chouika, Fadel
Editing:Toubkis, Camille
Music:Hicham, Wali Alami
Sound:Oubaha, Ahmed
Cast:Alkaghat, Azelarab
 Lamrin, Mohamed
 Sekkat, Youssef
Production company:Lumina films


Set in 1963 Iran, this elegant, award-winning tale is the simple story of an elementary school in a poor village in the middle of the desert. One day, the children discover that the water jar--the sole vessel for their drinking water--is cracked. But getting the jar fixed turns out to be more complicated than one might imagine and it is up to an extraordinary teacher to finally get the job done.
Neo-post-colonial relations on the dark continent. Honeymoon trip by a French couple to his African birthplace goes wrong as soon as their taxi causes an accident on the way to the hotel.