Subtitle:Legends of Madagaskar
Country:Madagaskar 2012
Language:OF m. engl. UT
Length:93 Minutes
Film series:13. African Film Festival

Director :Ratovoarivony, Haminiaina
Screenplay:Ratovoarivony, Haminiaina
Cinematography:Razafindrambao, Liva
Editing:Ratovoarivony, Haminiaina
Music:Ratovoarivony, Haminiaina
Sound:Ranaivosoa, Miora
Cast:Andoniaina, Mahon
 Chazuily, Ben Elissar
 Valeska, Sanjy
Producer:Ranaivo, Hantamalala Ralay
 Ratovoarivony, Haminiaina


MALAGASY MANKANY focuses on numerous problems present in Madagascar today, such as corruption, the tension between the local population and Indian immigrants, and the conflict between indigenous traditions and the consequences of profit-oriented economic growth in the age of globalisation. The filmmaker presents them in remarkably subdued and humorous ways in this road movie. The film’s protagonist Jimi studies in the capital, Antananarivo, but must go back to his village when he learns that his father is sick and dying. Together with his friend Bob, a Rastafarian, he tries to scrape together the money for the long bus ride. But then the petty criminal Dylan offers to take him there in his old VW. Charu, a hitchhiker, makes the illustrious travelling group complete and they set out on a cross-country trip filled with surprises along the way.


Festival „Cinémas d`Afrique” in Frankreich: bester Spielfilm
“Hollywood Black Film Festival” in den USA: Diaspora Award
Festival CineAfricano Córdoba in Spanien: Publikumspreis
“Vues d`Afrique Film Festival” in Montreal: AfricaConnexion Award